Defence Force Recruiting engaged us to help them conduct procurement processes to fulfil three critical marketing and operational contracts that were approaching expiry.


The Cordelta team assembled a central team of probity advisors, ICT specialists, procurement project managers and officers. This group developed a sourcing strategy. The strategy took into consideration contract performance requirements, internal resource profiles, contract complexity, cost base analysis and compliance obligations.


We developed a detailed process plan and engaged key stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive consideration of issues in developing procurement strategies. Complementary tools were built to assist with the management of contracts. In doing so, we helped to uplift the procurement capabilities and to complete the project on time with ongoing value-for-money outcomes that boosted efficiency, ensured correct process and automated repetitive, low-value tasks.


Perhaps most powerfully – in addition to process improvements, compliance surety and reduced complexity – the project resulted in a deeper and fuller understanding of the development of procurement strategies within Defence Force Recruiting.

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