The agency’s IT platform was previously managed by a major department, but that arrangement was soon to end. The previous technological capability was aged and brought with it numerous inefficiencies, repetitive work processes and productivity challenges. The agency’s 700 people were geographically dispersed, often in remote or regional areas.


After a thorough business analysis that identified unique challenges such as the requirement for highly durable and dust-proof hardware, we designed an entirely new platform, including hardware and software that would bring their workplace into the future. The roll-out took place just before the COVID lockdowns, meaning the agency experienced very little disruption during the pandemic.


For the first time, the agency’s people nationwide were able to meet face-to-face in real time, boosting collaborative capabilities and dramatically accelerating decision-making processes. All staff now had access to a central library of documentation held in the cloud, removing the possibility of human error around version clashes. Double-handling of documents became a thing of the past.


Repetitive, time-consuming and low-value tasks were dramatically reduced as real-time, virtual meetings and online chat replaced the old system of emails and scans. The new workflows liberated the agency’s people to do the work they most enjoyed whilst collaborating with colleagues across the nation, meaning engagement and productivity skyrocketed.

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