People we love

In return for their ideas, dedication and commitment, we offer autonomy, support, lifelong learning, flexible arrangements, opportunities for interesting work and professional development and a choose-your-own benefits program.

Cordelta thrives on the energy of its people. They reflect our values protect and promote our collaborative culture and are passionate about improving a client’s condition.

  • We love employees who develop long-term relationships of mutual respect with clients, like consultant Sien Loh, who went above and beyond to get to know individuals throughout a client organisation to ensure they were all engaged in a successful IT project.

  • We love individuals who long to make things better both in a client organisation and in their own lives, such as Astrid Ries, who managed a complete technological transformation in a client business whilst preparing and planning her spectacular wedding.

  • And we love people who care deeply about the quality of outcomes, such as consultant Pippa Harbers who is thrilled when the innovative work she does within one government department is then requested by several others.

We admire people who are passionate about maintaining their professional standards, in terms of knowledge, presentation and behaviour.

We appreciate commitment to an outcome, as well as the flexibility to switch course when new opportunities or better strategies are identified.

And we respect humility, particularly team players who put the success of others in front of their own interests.

These people can expect a deeply rewarding and engaging career at Cordelta.

“I was drawn to the flat structure and the non-political nature of Cordelta. I loved the freedom I was offered to develop and grow, as well as the autonomy to get on with my job. But most importantly, what has stood true was the promise that I could bring my true self to work. I have never felt as if I need to be anybody different. We have such a heavy focus on our people – they’re in every business decision we make.”

Kate Drake, Senior Executive, Chief of People & Culture

We’re a certified Great Place To Work

Cordelta has been recognised as one of the Great Places to Work in the ACT for 4 years running.

Independent research says 95% of our people believe Cordelta is a great place to work, compared to the typical Australian company average of 55%.


I am able to take time off from work when I think it’s necessary.


Management trusts people to do a good job without watching over their shoulders.


I’m proud to tell others I work here.


I am given the resources and equipment to do my job.

Staff benefits

Not all employees want or need the same support. We’ve created a one-of-a-kind, design-your-own-benefits system.

This helps us demonstrate to our team how valued and unique they are by offering flexibility and choice, with benefits that fit their needs.

In our benefits program, employees can choose between a range of optional benefits like music and art subscriptions, contributions to HECS debt, mentor programs, extra leave for their birthday or Christmas, or time off for volunteer work.

In addition, our people can access our standard benefits including a parking and transport subsidy, an employee assistance program, training, salary sacrificing and professional development programs and much more.

Finally, there are annual, fully funded family events such as:

  • Cordelta Conference

    Cordelta Conference

    Our annual Employee Conference is held over three days at a different location each year, such as the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Batemans Bay and Thredbo. Staff and their families (partners and children are invited) are treated to a long weekend away, where business meets pleasure.

  • Spring Thing

    Spring Thing

    Employees and their families celebrate the start of Spring with a family picnic held locally. The event is organised to appeal to the majority of employees and is always family friendly. In recent years, we’ve held carnival picnics at the Cotter, competed in an Amazing Race in Glebe Park and partied at Power Kart Raceway, the National Zoo & Aquarium and KingPin.

  • Kids Christmas Party

    Kids Christmas Party

    At the Cordelta Kids Christmas Party, typically held somewhere that’s too much fun, like Big Splash or KingPin, Santa always makes an appearance with gifts for the kids.

  • Cordelta Christmas Party

    Cordelta Christmas Party

    For grown-ups only, the Cordelta Christmas Party thanks employees for their efforts and celebrates another year of client success. This is not just about fun, but also helps us to share stories and reflect on the many achievements, challenges and contributions. Food, drinks and entertainment are all provided.

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We reward loyalty

We show our appreciation to those who reach significant milestones with Cordelta.

At their five-year, 10-year and 15 year service anniversary, our employees are sent to a resort destination with their partner for an all-expenses-paid getaway.

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Bonus program

Like the idea of being rewarded for your efforts? So do we!

Our bonus program sees our people sharing in the business’s financial success, with six opportunities throughout the year for employees to receive financial bonuses through our incentive schemes.

Moving to Canberra

If you’re looking to move from a region, or escape the big smoke, we’re happy to support you in your move to Canberra, regularly voted Australia’s most liveable city.

Our team is here to help you settle in and soak up all that our inland capital oasis has to offer. We can help out with relocation costs through our transport subsidy, and you can offset other costs through the employee benefits options.

Check out these resources for more information on Canberra: Visit Canberra, Her Canberra, 4 Canberra, Moving to Canberra.

Practice groups

Capabilities and careers within Cordelta are boosted by our Practice Groups.

Our Practice Groups are collectives of people with similar professional interests and skills. They convene regularly to share knowledge, learn from each other’s experience, develop tools, case studies and reference materials, and more.

On a surface level, our Practice Groups involve a quarterly meeting, followed by dinner and drinks. But they’re so much more than that.

Our Practice Groups:
  • provide a network of experience and advice to anybody on any project
  • create a level of quality control
  • identify emerging trends and provide an analysis of industry standards
  • connect us with professional associations
  • organise our participation in industry events
  • constantly make us better at what we do
Current Practice Groups within Cordelta include:
  • Business Analysis
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Organisational Change
We’d be delighted to understand your challenge and discuss how we might help design a solution.