The ACT Government Audit Office set out to undertake a performance audit of their approach to ICT strategic planning. The goal of this audit was to enable better delivery of government services through effective and efficient use of ICT.

They engaged us to review the performance of whole-of-government and divisional ICT strategic planning and make recommendations for improvement in line with industry frameworks.


Guided by five phases—definition, discovery, diagnosis, design and delivery—we used this integrated approach to identify and develop a tailored framework to inform the assessment of ICT strategic planning for the ACT at whole-of-government and divisional levels.

We developed a number of practical recommendations that can help improve the strategic planning, and ultimately delivery of ICT in the ACT Government.


A report was tabled to the Speaker of the ACT Assembly by the ACT Auditor-General based on the work performed by Cordelta.


The project was significant as it highlighted the numerous advantages and opportunities offered by strategic planning across the ACT Government. It raised awareness of the importance of ICT strategic planning, shone a spotlight on the key concepts that should be considered, and provided a framework encompassing roles and responsibilities.

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